Asian Countries Where You Can Use Cannabis

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It’s actually illegal to use weed in Cambodia, but the law is often unenforced, which means you can use one without getting imprisoned. It’s also common among foreigners and the people of Khmer. “Happy Restaurants” in Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, and Phnom Penh even offer food with cannabis. Take note that these restaurants are public and can still be visited today!

Provincial Boundaries in Cambodia


Just like in Cambodia, using pot is illegal in Nepal since all licenses were canceled in the year 1973.  Cannabis is not new to the country. In fact, Nepalese have used marijuana plants for centuries, usually for religious rituals. Though illegal, you can obtain marijuana almost anywhere in Nepal, and you’ll find it affordable too! Nepalese police also have little, perhaps even zero, interest in marijuana-related issues and therefore it’s possible to smoke weed there. Just do so with caution.

North Korea

This may come as a shock, but it’s not 100% confirmed. Some reports by tourists and defectors say there is no law prohibiting the possession of marijuana while some say it is illegal. Nonetheless, more reports are saying it is all right to smoke weed to your heart’s content if you’re in this strict country.


cannabisOnce again, an Asian country’s legality issues regarding marijuana cause confusion. In Pakistan, it’s illegal to possess weed, but it’s tolerated almost everywhere. You can smoke hashish in Peshawar as well as in the Northern parts of Pakistan. However, if you are found with charas in other regions of the country, you can be jailed for up to six months. It is believed that you can cultivate cannabis, which is evident thanks to the vast tracts of marijuana throughout the country.


According to the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, you can use marijuana only for medical use provided you were licensed. So if you’re not going to use it for scientific and medicinal purposes, don’t even think about using it in the Philippines.


Turkey map

Located in Western Asia and Southeastern Europe, Turkey also allows the cultivation of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. That is if you’re in one of the 19 provinces where it’s legal. However, you could still grow marijuana plant with the permission from the government even if you’re in another province. And when you consume, you should have the license as well. So if you’re in Turkey, you better start cultivating your own cannabis garden using the perfect LED light bulbs for growing buds!

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