Visiting The Great Wall Of China

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the great wall of china

We all know that China has a great wall. But do we all know how great the wall of China truly is?

One of the most popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites, The Great of Wall of China is an epitome of the rich history and the vibrant culture of the Chinese people since the Qin dynasty in 221 B.C. It also represents the now People’s Republic of China as one, with a millennia of knowledge and an era of skills about history and culture both defending the nation from those who only seek the land for their own interests.

That being said, here’s an important tip when visiting The Great Wall of China:

Choose your start point wisely.

Believe it or not, you can visit The Great Wall of China from at least 10 start points found all over China.

This includes Badaling in Yanquing District, which is one of the most visited Great Wall sections; and Mutianyu in Huairou County, which is one of the best preserved Great Wall sections.

There’s also Juyongguan in Changping District, which is known for its Cloud Platform gate; and Simatai in Miyun County, which is known for its Heavenly Stairs access.

And oh…let’s not forget Jinshanling in Luanping County, which is best known for its mysterious screen wall.

Other sections of the Great Wall include Huanghuacheng, Shanhaiguan, Yanmenguan, Jiayuguan, and Yumenguan – all of which, along with those mentioned beforehand, represents how great the wall of China truly is.

Choose your start point wisely by evaluating yourself in terms of: (1) baggage (2) endurance (3) and spontaneity. This is for you to know what things you should just bring upon arrival, what condition you must be in while exploring, and how you can make the experience more fun (e.g. biking The Great Wall of China).

Any other tips when visiting The Great Wall of China? Share them with us below!

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